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John 15:19 , 17:14-16 I Cor 2:12 In this world there are two kingdoms, contending for the master. Each kingdom has its animating spirit, in which its strength lies, by which all it does is guided, and through which it holds rule among men. Everything we are or do derives its character and its worth in the sight of God from the spirit in which it is done. This spirit is in each kingdom, not a blind force or an unconscious tendency, but an intelligent power working towards a definite goal. The spirit of the world and the god of this world hold rule over every child of Adam. The spirit which is of God is the power of the living God, working as a divine life in the hearts of those who have received him. The terrible sin of the fall consisted in this: that man chose the visible, that which this world offered of beauty, and enjoyment, and wisdom, in preference to the unseen, spiritual good of God’s will and favor. And the ruin and punishment of the fall is that man became subject to the power of the seen and temporal, that worldliness became a second nature to him, so that this world was nearer, and clearer to him, and affected him far more than the God of all glory and blessedness, who had created him. However little it may be thought or taught, the greatest danger to a child of god is from the spirit of this world secretly and unconsciously influencing his judgment and conduct. And one of his greatest needs is to have his eyes opened to see what the world and its spirit is, and how nothing can free him from it but being entirely possessed by the Spirit of God. (Excerpted from The Coming Revival, by Andrew Murray , pg. 25).

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