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Dear Sir, When we do not hear from God by sensible answers to prayer for a long season, we begin to think it very strange, to fear His displeasure, and to have many grieving thoughts arise in our hearts. But all the while our God delays sending to us by sensible kind providences, His heart is full of grace towards us, His glorious thoughts are employed about us, and He is but writing longer epistles of love to us, to make the greater display of His infinite kindness, and the more to endear our hearts to Him thereby, when He brings forth to open view what He had been long working for us in secret. Let us therefore wait for the Lord, who hides Himself from the house of Jacob, and let us look for Him; by and by He will send us packets of letters, rich and full of answers of prayer that have been long preparing by His wisdom and grace according to the are of God. The children of light see the glory of the gospel, rejoice, and live under its warming beams, its quickening shine. Unto them, though babes, the mysteries of the Kingdom shall be revealed, which are hidden from the wise and prudent—from the dark world—the children of darkness, who hate the light—and by the darkness of error, advanced by some who hold the truth in unrighteousness, are further blinded, under the all-wise and holy permission of the adorable Sovereign of heaven and earth. Let us who see, adore the grace which opens our eyes!

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