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My Dear Love, Our life here is one perpetual scene of various changes, all which, as wisely and graciously over-ruled by the sovereign Lord of all, shall effectually prepare us for our unchangeable and endless glory hereafter! The manifestative glory of God in everything that passes over us, and our present and eternal advantage, are inseparably connected with each other. Infinite love joined them both together, infinite faithfulness secures the links from breaking, and infinite power draws the unbroken chain through a continued series of diverse events in time, to the glory of God, and ours with Him to eternity. And when the whole of His providential dispensations towards us are finished, and all that glory brought to His great name by everything that was designed, and all that good brought to us by all things which was purposed, the Lord shall rejoice in His works, and pronounce concerning them, to the eternal rest of His soul, "They are all very good." And when the veil is taken off, and we see with one view all the works of God towards us, in their variety, harmony, and unity, exactly answering all the glorious ends designed, we shall rejoice with Him, and to the eternal glory of His name and rest of our hearts, shall say, "He has done all things well." And the more we see and say thus now, the more of heaven's bliss we enjoy on earth. Shall not we, who are reconciled to God by the Lamb's blood, be one in will, be one in interest with Him. If we are not, it makes us, who are the friends of God, look like enemies to Him. Oh, let not God and us be twain, since Jesus died to make us one in Himself—to whom be glory and dominion, forever and ever. Amen. The dear Lord Jesus be with you.

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