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My very Dear Brother in our precious Lord, The Lamb who died for us is worthy to reign over us. What a glory then must it be to mortal, sinful worms, to be the servants of Zion's King! My dear, dear brother, you are married unto the Lord, and nothing must separate between you and Him. The nearest relations must not do it. A house and home must not do it. A trade and business in the world must not do it. No, nor your own life neither, if called to lay it down for the honor of Christ, who bought you with His blood. The Lamb's bride, forsaking all others, must cleave unto Him in life and in death, and follow Him, if called to it, through tribulation and distress, famine and nakedness, peril and sword. And well she may, since none of these shall be able to separate her from the Lamb's love. Oh, my brother, Jesus is yours, forever yours. And in Him you have all, if you were stripped of everything else. As having nothing, by faith you may possess all things in Christ, your goodly heritage, your present and eternal lot, your full, soul-satisfying and everlasting portion! Never fear any need, while Christ has all and is your all. Put Him for a well while passing through Baca's valley, a world of sorrows, and you can lack nothing. This everlasting spring of bliss will flow out upon you in rich streams of supply, to your full joy, and you shall sing unto it. Never fear fainting under the cross while Christ has cordials enough to support your spirits, and while His love and word bind Him to give them. Does the lion of hell roar at you? flee as a tender lamb to Judah's Lion, who is stronger than he—King Jesus will defend you well. In a word, fear neither man nor devils, things present nor things to come, but follow on to know, love, and serve the Lord, and your joy shall be full here, and your glory great hereafter. Oh, my brother, think nothing too dear to part with for Christ, who parted with His all for you! He left his Father's house, His crown and throne above for you, to endure pain, sorrow, and shame below! And shall your little house and home, and comforts you enjoy therein, if called to leave it for Him, be an insuperable mountain in your way to ascend where Jesus is? The way to heaven is up-hill; but our Lord is with us every step of it. And when He pleases He gives us the feet of hinds to skip over mountains, or down they shall flow at His presence. Difficulties shall not be insuperable to the Lamb's followers, since He goes before them to prepare their way for them, and brings up the feeble of the flock by His omnipotent grace, to inherit with Him eternal glory. In the spirit of Jesus then, and for His honor, endure the cross, and soon our Lord will turn it into a bright and endless crown!

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