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Dear Brother, God is the God of His people collectively, and yet He is the God of every one of them individually, as entirely as if there was never another that shared the same privilege, when yet there is an innumerable multitude as equally and entirely interested in His great Being! And as every saint, even to the least, has a God, and all in God for his own, so in every mercy cast upon him, to the very least, he has God's great Self. He says to every one of His children, I am your God; and in every favor He bestows upon us we have Himself as such. Oh, I see with pleasure, I feel to soul-satisfaction, that the least favors are exceedingly great and weighty as our great God is in them. In every crumb of blessing, if we saw the God of mercy, and all the fullness of God therein, oh, how full, rich, and glorious would every mercy appear to be; and how abundantly thankful would we be for the very least!

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