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"THE CALL OF GOD" I. GOD HAS A PLAN OF SERVICE FOR EACH OF US. A. He did not redeem us that -- 1. We might be as a beautiful ornament, just filling a pew. 2. His interest in you goes far beyond redemption. 3. God desires to use your life to touch others. B. God uses human instruments to accomplish His work here on earth. 1. He could work completely apart from us. 2. He has chosen not to. C. The men God uses are plain ordinary men. 1. I was no prophet, not even the Son of a prophet. Just an herdsman, picked figs. 2. Elijah was a man of like passions. D. Many times, men try to give off the impression that they are something special. 1. That they possess special powers or abilities. 2. There are always those poor gullible souls ready to believe them. 3. This is especially true of politicians. 4. Sadly, it has infiltrated into the leadership -- of the church. a. I am closer to God than you. b. You can't understand what God meant, so don't try. I will tell you. c. For a fee, I will get you special favors. (Again, the house of God is made a den of thieves. II. (THE RESULT IS) MOST PEOPLE DISQUALIFY THEMSELVES FROM SERVING GOD. A. On what basis? 1. I'm just an ordinary person. 2. I'm just a herdsman. 3. I'm just a fig picker. 4. I'm just a janitor. 5. I'm just a tax man. 6. I'm just a fisherman. 7. I'm just a tent maker. B. We think God uses only perfect people. 1. Isaiah said, "Woe is me, I am a man of unclean lips." 2. Peter said, "Depart from me Lord, for I am a sinful man." 3. Paul claimed the title of chiefest of sinners. C. God's callings are God's enablings. 1. Whatever He has called you to do, He will equip you for it. 2. 1 must not think of the task in the light of my ability. III. WHEN GOD'S CALL CAME. A. Shall I quit my job and just wait for God to call me? 1. A strong, definite "no"! 2. Many will be able to fulfill God's call while remaining at their present employment. B. "As I followed the flock, the Lord said to me, go." 1. As Matthew was sitting at the receipt of customs. 2. As Peter and John were mending their nets. 3. None had quit their jobs in anticipation of the call, or hoping for a call. IV. BEHIND ALL OF THIS IS GOD'S GREAT HEART OF LOVE FOR THE LOST. A. He sent Amos to "My people Israel." 1. He still claimed them though they had forsaken Him. 2. He was still calling though they had long since ceased to answer.

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