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"THE FAMINE FOR THE WORD OF GOD" Intro: For years the Bible has been the #1 seller. Yet there is a famine for the Word of God. Amos a layman, herdsman & fig picker. Prophet to Israel first message to Damascus - Gaza - Tyre - Edon - Moab - Judah - mild -thunders against sins of Israel - privilege creates responsibility. Great judgment - Famine for Word. I. WHAT IS MEANT BY FAMINE FOR WORD OF GOD? A. Not that God ceases to speak. B. Man no longer understands or hears. 1. No message from the unseen. 2. No message to the deepest area of life. 3. No consciousness of the infinite. 4. No thrill to the voice of God. C. What is the reason for man's lack? vs. 14 1. Substitution of the creature for the creator. a. Substitute nature for God. b. "...Priest for God. c. "...Ceremony for God. d. Though God's voice speaking you never hear; stopped short of God. e. It's not that the letter killeth. D. Idolatry always results in famine. II. WHAT DOES THE FAMINE PRODUCE? A. Restlessness -a search. 1. An ignorant restlessness. 2. They really don't know what they are searching for 3. A semi-conscious restlessness. a. Try to substitute something very religious for the Word of God. 1. Lodges. 2. Theosophy & Christian Science - Unity God without government; sin without guilt. 3. A conscious search that finds no answer. a. Looking for something new & novel. b. They search the scriptures not to find Christ but to find some new theory. Materialism is a perpetual lust; an unanswered agony of desire. Ill. WHO IS AFFECTED BY THE FAMINE? A. The whole society but it manifests itself in the youth. vs. 13 1. The prophet speaks of the effects upon the next generation - fair virgins & young men. 2. Those with the life all ahead of them fainting for thirst. 3. We have fed our youth with hulls & chaff & now wonder why they are not strong. 4. A man I know with a great drinking problem tells me he doesn't need faith in Christ. It's a crutch for weak people, he has decided God doesn't exist. IV. WHAT IS THE ANSWER TO THE FAMINE? A. Put away our idolatries, quit worshipping & serving the creature. B. Quit running around after experiences "Last days not enduring sound doctrine..." C. Seek the Lord and His Word, until He begins to speak to you.

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