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"THOU ART THE MAN" Intro: David, though called "a man after God's own heart" was far from perfect. Sin with Bathsheba. Thought he had covered his guilt. I. THE PARABLE OF NATHAN. A. David's anger kindled. 1. How evil our sins look when somebody else is committing them. 2. "The man shall surely die." a. David was pronouncing judgment upon himself. B. "Thou art the man." II. DAVID'S CONFESSION OF SIN (vs. 13.. A. "He who seeks to cover his sin shall not prosper, but he who confesses his sin shall be forgiven." 1. Big difference between David and SauI. a. When Saul was faced with his guilt, offered excuses. b. David made confession. 2. By the confession the door was opened for the grace of God to operate. Ill. "THOU ART FORGIVEN, THOU SHALT NOT DIE." A. God will be more gracious than David. B. Notice how immediately the forgiveness followed the confession of sin. 1. "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just..." C. For judgment the baby must die. 1. I sometimes feel this is harder. a. How many times when my children were suffering some sickness did I wish I could bare it for them. b. We see David's agony before the Lord. 1. On another occasion at the death of his rebellious son Absolom, "Oh Absolom..." IV. THIS EXPERIENCE OCCASIONED THE WRITING OF PSALM 51 and PROBABLY 32. A. Ps 51 gives us the confession of David and prayer for forgiveness. B. Ps 32, the happiness of sins forgiven.

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