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"THE SURE WORD OF JEHOVAH" I. GOD'S PROMISE TO ISRAEL. A. Vs. 4 Plenty - increase and fruit. B. Vs. 6 Peace - lie down with no fear. C. Vs. 6 Protection - rid evil beast out of land. D. Vs. 7,8 Power - 5 will chase 100. E. Vs. 10 Provision - of old harvest last into new. F. Vs. 11,12 Privilege - Tabernacle among them, walk with. II. BLESSINGS CONDITIONAL UPON OBEDlENCE TO HIS STATUTES AND COMMANDMENTS. III. GOD'S WARNINGS FOR DISOBEDIENCE A. Sow in vain - enemies shall eat it. 1. Judges 6:l-6. 2. 1 Sam. 4:10 slain before enemies. B. Continual crop failure. C. Highways desolate - wild beast. 1. Judges 5:6 - II Kings 17:25. D. Pestilence. 1. II Sam. 24:15. E. Eat your own children. 1. II Kings 6:28,29 F. Break down cities & sanctuaries. 1. II Kings 25:4,10. 2. II Chron. 36:19. G. Dispersed among the world. 1. Persecuted & slain. H. Preserved as people vs 44. IV. GOD HAS PROMISED IN LAST DAYS TO BRING THEM BACK INTO THEIR LAND. A. Ezekiel 37. 1. That they would reclaim the waste areas & fill the earth with fruit Isa. 27:6. V. GOD HAS PROMISED THAT COINCIDENT WITH THIS JESUS WILL COME. A. Ps. 102:16 When the Lord shall build up Zion he shall appear in His Glory. 1. Matt. 24:32-34. 2. Ezekiel 43. How sure is the coming of Christ?

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