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"NO REMEDY" I. WITHOUT REMEDY A. Leprosy dreaded (No remedy). B. World situation critical (No remedy). C. Any disease lessened when remedy is found. D. Any disease is more severe when no remedy is known. II. HE THAT BEING OFTEN REPROVED, HARDENETH HIS NECK. A. Pharaoh. B. Holy Spirit reproves you. C. Conscience reproves you. D. Heard over and over gospel appeal. E. You have been warned. 1. Treated all this with careless disregard. III. SHALL SUDDENLY BE DESTROYED. A. Belshazzar. B. Rich fool of Luke 12. C. Death can strike swiftly and suddenly. IV. HEED WARNING. A. If you have been hardening your heart to Christ. B. If you have disregarded things of God. C. Turn tonight to Christ. Today day of Salvation.

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