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Genesis 26 / Isaiah 45 5 paragraphs 7 vs. 5 Let us not fear or quarrel. Those who seek God unceasingly will lead all nations to receive kindness. Psalm 26 / Revelation 11: 15 Let us lead a blameless life and proclaim His word to respond to His kindness for He will reign for ever and ever. Key Verses Genesis 26:24 / Isaiah 45:11 Genesis 26/ Isaiah 45 1. Do not fear or quarrel Let us listen to the instructions of the Lord and do not quarrel or fear. Do not turn to falsehood but plant and dig the well diligently, wholeheartedly and perseveringly. God will bless us tremendously and make our enemies a footstool for our feet. 2. Seek and turn to Let us not quarrel with God or with man, but seek and turn to the only true God. God will raise up Cyrus to rebuild the temple. The gospel will be widely proclaimed and all nations will be blessed. Psalm 26 / Revelation 11: 15 Exalt God / Be perfect The Lord will reign for ever and ever. Let us therefore lead a blameless life, shun evil and desire good. Walk in the truth, trust in God and you will be established. Stand firm in His way and God will vindicate you. Let us proclaim His grace and respond to His kindness.

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