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Genesis 27 / Isaiah 46 6 paragraphs 7 vs. 2 He who worships the idols will be captivated. Listen to the word of the Lord and you will have life and blessings. Psalm 27 / Revelation 11: 16 Seek to honor His way and be strong. Have confidence and you will see God’s glory. Key Verses Genesis 27:27-29 / Isaiah 46:3-4 Genesis 27/ Isaiah 46 1. Neither godly nor righteous Those who do not fear God nor seek His will act as their heart delight and do as they please. They play tricks to gain blessings and great disasters resulted. God will strike them for their ungodliness and wickedness. 2. Idols and captivity The idols that are carried about are burdensome. Those who carry them are unable to rescue the burden, they themselves go off into captivity. God’s children should listen to the word of God – Seek righteousness, gain life and receive blessings. Psalm 27 / Revelation 11: 16 Seek / God’s glory All the days of my life I will seek the face of the Lord. Worship before the Lord to understand the way of the Lord. Though an army besieges me, I will not fear. Whoever is confident and waits for God will see His glory.

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