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Genesis 46 / Isaiah 65 9 paragraphs 4 vs. 3 Blessed is he who seeks the Lord to remove the wickedness and honor His way. He who departs from God will wail. Psalm 46 / Revelation 12:16 Lean on to the Lord and be still. God is with us; heaven and earth work for the good. Key Verses Genesis 46:3-4 / Isaiah 65:1-2 Genesis 46 / Isaiah 65 1. Seek and be blessed Seek the Lord and follow His will. Do not be afraid for God is with you. Honor His way and preach His word. The whole family of Jacob became a living scroll – tending sheep as their occupation and lives in Goshen. 2. Wail if you depart from the Lord Those who depart from the Lord and turn their backs at the word, doing what is shameful, being arrogant and self-deceiving will end in wailing. Whoever seeks God will inherit the mountains. They will be blessed and rejoice in God. Psalm 46 / Revelation 12:16 Be still / God helps Lean on to the Lord in times of trouble. Walk in His way and He will be with you. Be still and wait till the time comes, God will help us for heaven and earth work for the good.

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