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"My son, fear thou the Lord and the king: and meddle not with them that are given to change:" I select this verse because of the study, 'fear the Lord' in the first half of the verse. But the last half with bring us to a hard place for myself. My son, fear thou the Lord and the king - study, 'fear the Lord', Proverbs is full with this instruction; In all, someone told me that it is found 80 times in the Bible; It must be our place of study and reflection, do I fear You, O Lord? the question is before the church today. 'Has the church lost the fear of the Lord?' By all the actions, decisions and conduct of His people, we must reply, 'Yes, they have.' That does not change the fact of this instruction. 'My son', is the call from the fatherly to the sons and daughters, for them to give heed to wise counsel. We are left withou proper instruction from saints today. God has withdrawn them from our midst. It is a hard thing to look around and find one that has the anointing upon them to say, 'Thus saith the Lord'. But the message of this passage is still before us, for God's HOly Spirit speaks it to us. We are to fear two things: the Lord, and the king (government). Why? REasons being to fear the Lord: 1. He holds our very breath in His hand; and if we anger Him, He simply can remove our breath and we cease to live; 2. He is worthy of proper fear and reveence in His Holy Presence; 3. He has all power to create and uncreate; why would we provoke such a God of power?4. It is His desire that we walk in fear of the Lord for the preserving, protection and deliverance in this life; To fear the Lord has so many of the components that we have held thus far in our study of Proverbs. Why should we fear the king? He is the recognized diplomat of God's providence. In Daniel, we know clearly that even though Nebuchadnezzar, was evil, he was raised up for 'such a time' to accomplish the Lord's will. In Daniel 2, Daniel's prayer recognizes the establishment of the Lord's sovereighnty, 'He removes kings and sets up kings.'

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