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"She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness." Throughout each of these verses, from 11 - 31, there is found descriptive attributes of what a righteous woman is and should be. This verse directs us to many of our word studies and we shall use them for our edification and instruction. She looketh well to the ways of her household - word study, look; word study, well; word study, way; Oh, how powerful and helpful is this phrase, 'look well to your ways'; NOw this verse is talking about a rightoues woman, who is a wife, a mother. God has established the home for each to carry their weight. They that do good in their responsbilities shall receive the fruit of it; they that do not do their responsbilities shall see it fall. 'She', is the woman referred to and given instruction here. There is testimonies of faithful mothers and wifes that have fulfilled this and they are praised and adored for their faithfulness, steadfastness and labor. but such women are hard to find in this day and age. The love of self, the love of ease and comfort, and of course, the love of pleasures has led many a woman that started off good to quickly lose their way. We have to the learn the order that must be followed. Who can take care of a household? a family? a business? a church? a nation? unless they have first learned to take care of themselves? NO one. In Canticels, 'They made me keeper of the vineyard, but my own vineyard I did not keep.' You cannot help others if you can't help yourself. You cannot love your neighbor unless you love yourself. You cannot teach others, if you have not learned it yourself. You cannot lead others unless you know the way yourself. Now once the way is learned and practiced, others may now follow and go with you. A wise man or woman is able to lead others to go with them. We remember good Christian in Pilgrim's Progress who could persuade his family or friends to go with him out of the City of Destruction to the Celestial City. God's Divine favor was granted that the second half of the book his family followed. She leads them in the right way is God's help, and mercy. The grief and saddness of a mother/father who later in life have found that good and right way, only to see their children follow the wrong way. Had they only learned it earlier, is their lamentable regret. Mark your ways now dear people. Your household depends on it. The very sake of you this generation and the ones to come depends on what way you are leading them. The wise in heart are always observing their household. Parents watching the children's behavior, time, interests and taken away the bad and encouraging the good. Look well to the ways of others is our need for this hour. The Gospel is there for our 'reprove, rebuke, exhort' for the sake of the soul. The parent who will not correct their chidlren will lose their children.

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