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"I have gone astray like a lost sheep; seek Thy servant; for I do not forget Thy commandments." word for law - commandments; The last verse of this great Psalm. One of the most powerful chapters in all the Bible. Great was the need to address every verse found here. Now we conclude our meditations with continued thoughts of how great is the Word of God. I have gone astray like a lost sheep - study of 'I have', the last of the 37 times used in this Psalm; One of the two useages of 'I', personal action taken in this verse. 'I have gone astray', is the reality for every awakened believer. 'all have sinned and come short of His glory'; 'all we like sheep have gone astray, every one to his own way'; 'All my righteousness is as filthy rags'. 'There is none rightoues, no not one'. The very reality of our existence if found in sin. from the moment of life, sin is in our nature. From the moment of choices and will we choose sin and fail God. Yet, God knows all this. This is why He made a way for lost men and women to find the path of forgiveness and salvation from sin. Have you found it? Is it possible that having read all these verses of this great Psalm you come to the last of this study and still don't Christ as Lord and SAvior of your life. Oh, you beleive in God; but the devils believe also. Do you know the truth of these things? WE all have gone astray but only the redeemed have come to Calvary to find pardon and cleansing. Only the saved know the power of the blood of Christ that cleanses us from all iniqutiy. Do you know? No man comes to God without this first part of reality - "I am a sinner against God and all HIs ways'. "I have gone astray' in my thoughts, my desires, my choices and my daily practices.' I can find help in no one else nor anywhere else but at His nail scarred feet. Now look upon the population in the United States, how often is the phrase used, 'I used to go to church'. There is a mass exit from the church building today. Many have gone astray from the Lord. A continued state of backsliding away from the Lord and the things of the Lord. Do they see it? Do they acknowledge their backslidings? Oh, the open confession of the soul tha tcomes to see and udnerstand their sinful acts, 'I have gone astray'. It faces them and they must make their wrongs right. They begin by coming to Him to confess and repent for their goign astray. They are resolved now. They are quickened in their spirits to rely on Him, trust in Him, beleive on Him and hold fast to Him. Seek Thy servant - word study, to seek; a prayer of David to seek Him for his redemption and deliverance; A man never seeks after the Lord unless the Lord seeks Him. Before teh foundation of the world, the HOly Spirit was brooding upon the face of the deep over God's work before it was ever brought into creation. Christ sought the Father's favor for His church in John 17 and prayed for us. And the eyes of the Lord run to and fro to seek for His elect. He sought for a man, and wondered that He could not find one praying. But if God doesn't seek for you then you are finished. There is no hope to such a plight. The prayer of David is designed to find God seeking for his welfare and estate. Just as when the one lost sheep went astray, Christ said the shepherd will leave the 99 and go seek for tha lost sheep. And if the Chrsitian fall into sin, then may the prayer be offered for God to seek after His Own. He is faithful to do such. He is the only One that can seek after the straying child. But let us not forget that Satan and the world also seek after the servants of the Lord to cause them to fall into sin and be destroyed. then how much more needful is it for the Lord to seek us first and keep us from harm and destruction? This much we know, the Lord seeks after His Own. Are you one of His? Then He will puruse you. If no one is seeking after you, you are not God's and SAtan already knows he has you. You are left to your ownself. How awful! 'no man cared for my soul'. Oh, God seek Thy servants that they may be all You want them to be. Seek Thy servants for the glory and power of YOur great Name. Seek Thy servants for the service of Your kingdom throughout all the world. You know who is Yours, seek Thy servant. For I do not forget Thy commandments - The Word of the Lord is our lifeline and we cannot forget such valuable Truth; May I forget everything of vanity, but let me not forget the Word of God. Forget? Can one forget? Assuredly they can. Anyone that has watched a loved one go through dementia or alzheimers, knows that the ability to forget can happen to anyone. I believe it to be a prayer then for God's help in not letting us forget. 'Thy Word have i hid in my heart that I might not sin against Thee' nor forget Thee. And if the Word be ever present in my heart and on my mind then He will be ever present. Oh, then can we not see the value of spending time in memorizing and reading and studying the Word of God. But if we have not begun to memorize or remember the Word fo the Lord then we will have nothing too forget. WE must place it in our minds, in our hearts and asking for the Lord to keep it there. Daily, weekly times of memorization is so necessary for God's people to know His Word. We've lost out on all this in today's world. The saddness of it all is that God's people do not know God's word. I think the first step is to read the Bible through all the way. Lay the foundation. Begin to build on that with remember verses. Starting with familar verses like Psalm 23; John 3:16, 17, 36. Romans road to salvation; other promises found, etc. These are verses for witnessing, for help, for teaching and we need to have these verses committed to memory to be useful unto the Lord. A constant diet of reading daily, studying, medidating and memorizing are essential to our spiritual health and usefulness. Let us be as resolved as David, 'I have not, I will not, I cannot afford to forget Thy commandments'. A very high percentage of sin in the believer is due to the memory loss of Scripture. A constant source of Scritpure would put SAtan to flee away from leading us astray. The Word brings us back to God and will keep us with God. The fact that the first phrase of this verse is a confession, 'I went astray' is the fact the Word became absent. But once the Word was refreshed in his memory he lifted up a cry for God to 'seek thy servant'. This process may not seem in order to some of you that read this. But holiness and sin cannot exist within the same place. The 'holy' Word cannot be where sin is. Going astray is sin, thus my assertion that the Word was absent. But once the Word returned, then the sin had to flee. Where is the Word in your life? Is it priority? Is it absent? Is it minimal? Let us posses a mighty 'sword in the Spirit, which is the Word of God' and have a weapon that puts our enemy to flight and sin to defeat. Let us not be found without a weapon.

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