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Here are some highlights of three missionary journeys in 2014 to Israel, Kenya, Tanzania. Your prayers upheld me and turned out to be my deliverance; Phil 1:19-20. “ For I know that this will turn out for my deliverance through your prayer and the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, 20 according to my earnest expectation and hope that in nothing I shall be ashamed, but with all boldness, as always, so now also Christ will be magnified in my body, whether by life or by death.” Psalm 105 Oh, give thanks to the Lord! Call upon His name; Make known His deeds among the peoples! 2 Sing to Him, sing psalms to Him; Talk of all His wondrous works! These were all God's works: The Lord gave me strength and His Spirit to testify to many persons individually. Then the Lord opened many doors to speak in Churches. The main sermons the Lord gave at congregations and at Pastor’s conferences were: 1.) “A Revival in sharing our faith”. 2.)"Warn congregations about Jesus returning soon and preparing for persecution". In Matthew 24:9 Jesus said: "Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you and you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake." This verse is before the great tribulation in Matthew 24:21. 3.)"Humility in Leadership, Servanthood and preaching repentance and the Gospel". Jesus preached repentance and the Gospel. The Apostles preached repentance and the Gospel. Jesus said: Luke 4:18 (NKJV) 18 “The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, Because He has anointed Me To preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives And recovery of sight to the blind, To set at liberty those who are oppressed; The Lord arranged for me to speak 32 times in 51 days. ( only 2 speaking engagements were pre-arranged). All other speaking engagements were miracles from God. Which Pastor will let an unknown person preach in his church with days notice? We gave out nearly 300 tracts, most Swahili Tracts, some Jewish tracts, and some English tracts. We went street witnessing and also spoke by the will of God in 11 Pastor’s Conferences in 11 Church settings, 18 Church congregations, of which 3 were Messianic Congregations in Israel and three group meetings i.e. a Christian Leadership session, 1 Youth Service, and a House Bible study. The greatest miracle is always when men, women and children repent before God and ask Jesus to save them. We prayed in every home we visited and we prayed in a hospital for the poor, going from bed to bed. Also Mus lims allowed me to pray and even a Mus lim Mother for her daughter. God did miracles. I could not speak Swahili. The godly sister with me spoke a few broken words English. As I prayed going from bed to bed this godly sister started to translate from English to Swahili, but she could not speak English, except for a few broken words. As she translated into Swahili all over sudden I could understand her Swahili in English, hearing that she translated correctly, and I don't speak Swahili. Later and today I cannot understand Swahili. Here are some examples from moving Church Services and Pastor’s Conferences: 1.) Pastor Salome’s Church is in the middle of one of the Mus lim Quarters in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; They are meeting in a large courtyard with loud speakers heard throughout the Mu slim community; They had great joy; 70 young men and women were singing and praising God. They know they are at risk with their lives. A young man shared how he witnesses to Mus lims. Another was pointed out to me who regularly prays through the night for his brother going from door to door. The Lord had me preach with an interpreter. I was heard throughout the Muslim neighborhood. It was unbearably hot. I was sitting in sweat. I asked the Lord for help. Lord, could you please stop the sweating when I speak, I am 72? The service lasted for 3.5 hours. I spoke for over an hour. I did not sweat at all. After the service the Christians did not want to leave. They made circles with their chairs to share things about the Lord and to pray. There was no talk about food. My heart ached and burned. They loved the Lord beyond food and they loved Him despite heat and threats to their lives. I compared it to my Christianity and later wept. 2. ) On Sunday morning July 13th, 2014, the Lord allowed me to speak at another Church in Dar es Salaam, the largest city in Tanzania. The service started at 9:30 a.m. and finished at 2:15 p.m. or 4:45 hours later. Yet the time just evaporated and the presence of the Lord was so strong. During worship some people were on their knees worshiping . Some were in tears. There was such a Spirit of unison and joy it was overwhelming for me from Canada and the USA where such worship and joy is not known. It reminded me to some extent of the underground church in China where they worship God with tears running down their faces. Following the service the whole Church came forward for prayer. They feel they need Revival in Tanzania.The population in Tanzania is 50% Christian and 50% Mus lim. The Mus lim growth in Tanzania appears to be 10% while the Christian growth is 2%. They want Revival and to be taught how to reach out. I was again humbled so much by their love and commitment to the Lord. 3.) The Lord arranged for me to speak at 11 Pastor’s conferences. In two Pastor’s conference the Holy Spirit came most powerfully. We spoke by the will of God on "Humility in Leadership, Servanthood and preaching repentance and the Gospel" The Holy Spirit convicted many pastors mightily. They knelt on the floor and wept before God. They started praying like I have never heard before. The presiding Bishop wept. 5.) On Saturday June 21st, 2014. we were with 181 children ( the number had grown from 154 )on the garbage hills in Kariobangi, Nairobi, Kenya. Pastor Salano and his staff feed them by faith, give clothes to them and educate them. They employ 9 Christian Teachers and other Staff that have given their lives for slum children. We spoke to the kids and had a blessed Bible time with them via a quiz on the 9 of the "greatest" facts in John 3:16. We spoke briefly on each of the “greatest” principles. Many of the children raised their hands to ask Jesus to save them . I don't know how many. Pastor Kennedy led them in prayer. 6.) In this same area we had spoken to 40 young men from the slums involved in crime. Many asked the Lord to save them. I did not know what had happened to them. When I came back many of them were in Church, they came to the services and served the Lord. 7.)On another Sunday morning there was a deep moving of the Spirit of God with the Sermon: Victory over Sin through the indwelling Christ. It seemed like over 60 came forward for prayer with many weeping. 8.) In Jerusalem the Lord opened for me a Jewish Messianic Congregation to speak to. That Church is at the corner of the Mus lim Quarters in Jerusalem. This year this Church was attacked twice by Mus lims. They nailed the doors shot and pumped poison into the Church. None of the Christians got hurt, except their leader. She broke a wrist. 9.) Witnessing one on one: The Lord allowed us to witness to many. The Lord did it through His Holy Spirit Acts 1:8. Here are a few examples: Witness to a Catholic Idian Lady: A lady from India was sitting next to me. She was praying with her rosary. When she stopped I said to her: " It is an honor to sit next to a woman of faith. What were you praying for? She said I was praying for an angel to come and sit next to me. Are you an angel? We both laughed. I said no, but I am a sinner saved by the grace of God. We talked and I asked her: "Could you tell me please how I can make it to heaven in accordance with your faith?" She smiled and said:" You have to be a good man and do good works." I spoke to her about the Son of God Jesus and that we can't be good enough to make it to heaven by ourselves.The Word of God says that we can't get there by our own works lest any man should boast. Only the Son of God could get us there if we truly believed in Him. She smiled again and pulled out a little booklet that someone had given her. It was a tract describing how we can get to heaven through Faith in Jesus Christ. She said: "I read this tract and it tells the story about Jesus." Then she smiled a third time and said: " I believe you, I will now believe that it is Jesus Christ who gave His life for us to be able to make it to heaven." She smiled a fourth time and said: I think God did answer my prayer. I realized God had seated me next to this dear lady and used me as a follow up to someone else who had given her a tract, Praise God. She said: From now on I trust Jesus to be my savior. We plant but God gives the sun and the rain, and only He can give the increase. Witness to an orthodox Jewish old man: I met him at a store and we talked. He realized I was a visitor to Israel. I asked him what he thought about Jesus? He answered: Jesus was a good man. He tried to change things. He overdid it and he got himself killed. I asked him about his Tanach and shared about Jeshua the Messiah. I asked him: Would you read Psalm 22 and Isaiah 53? He had gotten very excited and interested. He ran to get a pencil and paper. He wrote down the passages promising me he would read them. Witnessing to Massai in Kenya. The Lord moved the heart of Massai Christians after hearing the sermon: "A Revival in sharing our faith". We took the Massai witnessing. People tell me it is an absolute miracle. They are far too proud to do it. Yet God moved and we were able to make up four witnessing teams. We went to a Massai town out in nowhere. Three people on the roads accepted Christ. A drunk Massai came and hugged me. This opened up a restaurant for me where some asked Jesus to be their savior. The same happened near a doctors place. Witness to a Muslim Woman: A Hotel manager was sitting next to me on a flight between Kenya and Tanzania. She was on her way to turn around a luxury hotel. We talked about the psychologists Maslow and Herzberg who proposed a hierarchy of human needs to motivate employees. I told her that their concept at the level of self actualization was faulty and that there is no ultimate satisfaction in success. As we discussed this more the Lord opened the door to witness. Solomon wrote that there is no satisfaction in richess and it is like grasping for the wind. Our ultimate satisfaction is found in the Son of God the Lord Jesus Christ. I shared with her how God saved me. She told me that i was talking like her father who was a Mus lim and then became a Christian. The family had not followed him and she was still Mus lim. I realized that God was using me to draw this dear daughter in response to her Father's prayer for her. She was deeply moved and also took a tract. She said she would consider all that i shared. A Dining Room host in Kenya: A Dining Room host in Loitoktok saw me. She came and said: I believe you are a Christian by the way you behave. Would you pray for me? Perhaps God will save me and forgive me? Later we discussed repentance and salvation. She repented and asked Jesus to forgive her and come into her life. Two Sunflower seed sellers in Kenya: On our way back from the Political capital of Tanzania we stopped at a roadside stand to buy Sunflower seed oil. The Pastor asks them in Swahili, do you go to Church? They said we do. Do you understand what Jesus has done for you? They said yes and that they understood. The Pastor then asked them: Are you born again? They said no we are not born again. Would you like to be born again and pray with this white Christian man they were asked. They responded, yes we want to be born again. I prayed with them while the Pastor translated. They prayed sincerely and I believe they were born again through the Son of God. Praise God. Witness to a Chinese Scientist: I was sitting at the Airport in Nairobi. A Chinese man comes and sits near me. He is on a Safari trip visiting the Massai Mara. He is very forward and asks all kind of questions. His English is excellent. I tell him that I was in Kenya and Tanzania to do the work of God and also visited 181 children on a garbage hill. He said so you are something like a Christian? I asked him what do you believe? He says he is Buddhist. He tells me about self improvement and trying to reach a high state of living without failure and sin. He asks me about the difference between Christianity and the Muslim Faith. Are Allah and God not the same? I explain and he understands. Then he wants to know about the difference between the Jewish Faith and Christianity. I explain about the Old Testament and the New Testament. Most of the Jews do not believe the New Testament. Yet Jesus was foretold a 1000 years before he lived, died and rose again. In Psalm 22, His death, crucifixion and his clothes being both divided between the soldiers and one piece gambled over were prophesied in detail. He says the problem is that no one can prove there is a God. I tell him my conversion story. He says that is amazing. I tell him how God sent a Bible to Kenjiro Matsuda in Japan. He said that is amazing. I tell him about the big thorn in my foot on this trip. I pulled it out and no bleeding. The wound closed of its own and cannot be found. He said that is amazing. I then go on and tell him that God has loved him greatly and that God wants him to be right with him through His Son Jesus. We discuss being born again and I pull my Bible. I ask him to read John Chapter three. Then I tell him that God loves him so much that He arranged this divine meeting today. I said it is destiny for you to become a Christian. He smiles and it is quiet for a moment. Then I tell him that when you go out there to see all the animals in the Massai Mara know that God made them. They did not come by chance. It is impossible regardless of what they taught you in school. I started to explain DNA and Dr. Francis Collins. He defined 3.1 Billion 4 letter strands. He realized that DNA could not have sequenced itself. If a few strands are irregular one becomes sick. If a number of them are out of sequence the person cannot live. Dr. Francis Collins became a Christian. He smiles again and he says: This is amazing. It seems that it is destiny. You see I am a Chinese Genetics scientists and I splice genes and DNA. He said he knows Dr. Francis Collins. He said he also knows some other Christians. He had to leave and I gave him my card and asked him to also speak with his Christian friends. He accepted 2 tracts. God arranged this divine meeting and I believe he will become a Christian. The way I witness: Yes I am just as afraid as you are. 1.) I ask for cleansing anew. 1 John 1:9 2.) I ask for filling of His Holy Spirit Acts 1:8 3.) I believe he has done it and I ask Him for guidance and help.( Don't be misled by the devil telling you can't use Psycologists and DNA. Maybe you can't but God and his Holy Spirit will use what you know, if you let Him and ask Him to help. ) 4.) I open my mouth with His help. The greatest Miracles are when souls are saved. However God also answers prayers for many different things. - In Tanzania I got one night 102 Mosquito bites but no Malaria nor sleeping sickness by the mercies of God. - A long Acacia Tree thorn lodged itself into my foot in Massai territory in Africa and near Mount Kilimanjaro. The thorn went in on one side of the foot and came out the other. The thorn is poisoness but was dry. Often cattle of the Massai die with infections. There was great pain. I pulled out the thorn, and again there was great pain. However, there was no blood. Then the wound closed and neither the entry nor the exit could be found. - Three times when I prayed, the Airlines did not charge me for overweight. ( Tracts and a little present for 181 children) - We were privileged to meet Paulina in Kenya who had been held as a slave for 3 years by Mus lims in Saudi Arabia. God set her free and she was able to return to Kenya. The work was done by the Lord through Christs' House of Prayer. The Lord allowed us to have a small part by writing on her behalf to the Saudi and Kenyan Governments and to pray.

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