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A young boy told his grandfather about something bad other boys did to him. He hated them. His grandfather then told him that he should remember that there are 2 wolves within him. There is the wolf of unrighteousness: fear, greed, selfishness, suspicion etc. The other is the wolf of hope, determination, kindness, unselfishness, team spirit. The boy asked which one wins and the answer was: "The one that you feed the most, my boy." (Read the full story here) There is the Spirit of God within us, but we are also in the flesh. We need to sow in the Spirit, not in the flesh. Many don’t succeed because they feed the flesh. Blessed are those who feed the spirit. Paul in Rome, in prison, during the last few weeks or months of his life, wrote to Timothy asking him to come and visit him. He should bring along his coat as well, because it was cold in prison in winter (damp as well). He also asked for a certain scroll and other books. What was he going to do with books? He wanted to feed his spirit. Many children of the Lord are weak, totally weak - one would think that they are under the influence of alcohol. They have no power spiritually. Why? Because they don’t feed the inner man with proper food. Only the flesh is taken good care of (like with TV) - the flesh and its lusts are taken care of. They have no strength to overcome sin. We have more than enough of such. They are lukewarm Christians. Unless you repent, He will spit you out. Those "Christians" that watch pornography on the Internet are the scum of the world. You are what you look at. A disgrace to your wife and children - what a curse that they should have such a father. Your life will be worth more two meters down in the grave than alive. I mean what I say. If you are that one, I call you to repentance today. A girl with Christian parents fell into some sin and I asked her how she could do such a thing - have I taught her this, or did her parents? "I am sorry, Uncle Erlo, but my father has hidden a TV in the house. He doesn’t know that I know about it, but when he is gone, I look at it, and that awoke this in me." A strange man came along, a `padmaker’, and she fell in love with him - head over heels. She had fed the other wolf in her. Feed your soul, firstly with the Bible and then with good books. Don’t feed the wolf of hell within you. There is nothing like the Gospel! Nothing like it! Nothing like the Word of God. It is sweet like honey. It is not bitter like homosexuality and lesbianism, or like money and worldly things. Demas was evil; he vomited out the heavenly things which were within him and devoured hellish things. What does the world offer? Sickness, disease. And you let go of the Gospel to go there to the world? There is nothing like the Gospel. HEBREWS 6:19 It is spoken about an anchor here. A ship without an anchor is lost. The anchor can be thrown overboard and keeps the ship in one place. Where is your anchor? Today we hear from clever people that one must trust in yourself; find the god within; put your trust in yourself. The anchor has got to be thrown into the deep to be effective. It has to go deep, through the water and go into the ground underneath. The storms may come, but that ship is secure, steadfast, immovable, grounded in the Rock, which is God Himself. Don’t trust in yourself, your intelligence and own strength, but say with the psalmist in Psalm 73: "Lord, in You do I trust." Example: A great, well known church man, wrote a book many years ago about the so-called new Gospel (the Gospel through which we got saved, must have been anathema to him). He died and then after some time I met one of his daughters who said: "When my father was on his deathbed, it was a pitiful sight. He looked at me with pleading eyes, as if he cried, "Please, help me!" and I couldn’t help him and he went into eternity like that. We all have to die one day. Will we be like that one day? He had been clever, his children brilliant, but he died like a lost man, pleading for help, but there was no help. You might be the most brilliant modern Christians, theologians, but you will go shipwreck without an anchor. The seven sons of Skeva heard the Gospel of Christ and were very impressed. Then they tried to drive out demons. They had the soundest Gospel - there is no purer theology than Paul’s preaching. But the man with the evil spirits attacked them and they left hurt and naked, their clothes torn. You will be the laughing stock of hell and the demons, if you preach but don’t live it. We live in a time where we need to watch and pray. Before you pray, you need to watch: your own life, your children's and your flock (as a pastor). Who is the Anchor, the secure hope? It is Jesus Who entered the inner sanctuary on our behalf, after the order of Melchisedec. John the Baptist prepared the way for Christ. In exactly the same way, Jesus went into the Holiest of all, preparing the way for us. Not in the way of Aaron, but Melchisedec. Aaron (and his priesthood) went behind the veil once a year to do atonement for the sins of the people. He had to continually go in year after year, for the blood of animals could not take away sin. Blood had to be shed again and again. Who was this Melchisedec? His name means "The Lord of Righteousness". He was the king of Salem, which is peace. He was the king of peace and righteousness. He had no father or mother or human descendants. We don’t know much about him, only that he was God’s high priest. He had no beginning and no end. He came with bread and wine, and Abraham gave him his tenth. What a blessed thing that is to give your tenth! How poor are people who don’t give their tenth. He gave Abraham bread and wine. We cannot but think of the Man Who said: "This is My body and My Blood". His disciples said that it was a hard and difficult saying, that they should eat (Greek: chew) His flesh and drink His Blood. They said that they were no cannibals and couldn’t do that. If one doesn’t know what it is to chew His flesh and drink His Blood, one doesn’t have life and doesn’t have an Anchor. 18. God made an oath. One makes an oath in the name of someone greater than yourself, but there was no one greater than Him, and so He swore by Himself. He accepted that offer for our sins. Jesus went before us. What fools we are if we don’t accept this! God put His seal to it that Jesus had died for our sins. The Man without a mother or father, without beginning or end, came down and blessed Abraham and his offspring. I should be part of that offspring. It is firm and secure in the Holiest of all, penetrating right into the Rock for all eternity. God put His own seal to it; He swore by Himself. My soul should be grounded behind the veil which Jesus tore into two from top to bottom. He went in there for us, to prepare the way for us. What a Gospel! But if God doesn’t open this mystery to us, it is no more worth to us than a newspaper. 16-17. Are you an heir of this promise? If so, then rejoice in it and be glad. If not, cry now - before you will cry with the gnashing of teeth. Hebr 7:24-25 - Our High Priest is an amazing Priest of God. When Jesus stood before the earthly high priest, the high priest said: "This is blasphemy!" and tore his clothes. He did well, because his order came to an end there. Now we don’t have a high priest of that order, but One of the order of Melchicedec, Who lives forever. That is why He can save to the uttermost for ever. Why carry on in your sins? Run to Him and be saved to the uttermost. The high priest went into the Holiest of all once a year, but One greater than him came, entered there and the veil was torn in two. The Anchor was anchored in there - in the Holiest of all. He intercedes for us day and night. That is why we don’t have to continue in our sins but can be saved to the uttermost. To this one can truly say "Amen! Hallelujah!" (not like a crutchword, as some do, using it like parrots.) Have you heard and understood this? If yes, then let your life be something of worth and value in the Kingdom of God. Will you spread the Gospel or be fast asleep, snoring? If the latter, then woe to you, again and again.

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