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Hebr 9:27 "Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment" We can do many things but one thing is certain, no-one can escape death and Judgement. If a doctor could prevent a person from dying, the queue of people to see him would stretch from Europe to Africa. Many people do all they can to avoid death. We have to, however, realise that our life is in God's hands and not in our own. There are countless fads to try and stop the aging process but time and again they leave people in the lurch. People thought that jogging would help them, until the man who advocated it, died while jogging. One Jewish doctor asked a Minister of the Gospel why Christians were so afraid of death. Death to a Christian is like going home and the Bible instructs us to number our days so that we should become wise. It also says that it is better to go to a funeral than to a feast. Death, however, is a terrifying experience if you are not ready but gain if you are. In Psalm 73, Asaph looked at the unbelievers and saw their wealth and success and he nearly slipped. Then he saw their end and saw how awful their lives were. If God makes a law, then it will happen to everyone. Death is such a law and no-one can escape it. In Eccl. 11v9, the young man can rejoice and do as he desires but thereafter is the judgement. You, too, can choose what you will: smoking, drinking, drugs, clothing. Life is full of free choices, but after that comes the judgement throne and you will receive your reward. Whatever you have done will be brought into judgement unless you confess and forsake your sins to obtain forgiveness of your sins. God erases the past and writes good about you. Daniel and his three friends stayed pure despite the defilement around them. Daniel remained faithful through different governments. The Lord can keep you faithful even if you are in a wicked place. It is not always easy. When Daniel's three friends didn't obey the law to worship the idol, the punishment was death. God saved them, however, and only their bonds were burnt. They were safe. The Lord Jesus is close to you no matter what suffering you go through. Daniel continued to worship God and was thrown into the lion's den but was saved. In Hebrews 11, men and women like Daniel conquered by faith. You must walk a life of faith and be victorious. Consider the deathbed of different people. Churchill said "what a fool I've been". Voltaire died a terrible death, crying for forgiveness but not finding it. He was against Christianity and wanted to get rid of the Bible. Marx died in darkness and Lenin said that he was dying in a sea of blood. We die once and thereafter is the judgement. The Lord Jesus has eyes like the sun and He will judge us. When John, the disciple saw Him, he fell down as dead. Consider, therefore, and prepare for this event no-one can bypass.

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