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All Friends and brethren every where, walk in the truth, and know one another in the measure of life, that in it your minds may be guided up to the Father of life; and stand in his counsel, that he alone may be loved with all your strength, with all your minds, and with all your souls [Mark 12:30]; so that ye may all know one another in the life and light, that ye may all be kept from idols [1 Jn 5:21]. For if ye know one another in the flesh only, that love which will rise out of that knowledge is feigned, and that will wither, and under the condemnation of the light must come. Therefore all wait in the measure of life, that with it your hearts may be knit together [Col 2:2]. And none to be hasty, nor to will any thing; there is not any thing received from God by him who willeth with his own will. For ‘no prophecy of the scripture came by the will of man [2 Pet 1:21];’ Peter, that was not learned of man, but of Christ, saw this. And the scripture is for the ‘perfecting of the man of God [2 Tim 3:16f],’ which is learned of God, and came not by man's will. So now mind your growth, and your perfecting, and your steadfastness in the light, in which is the unity. So every one wait in the light, which comes from Christ the head [Eph 4:15], from whence nourishment comes, which nourishes the body and all the members; from whence comes the bread of life [John 6:35], which is from above, and the water of life [Rev 21:6]. Therefore all wait in your measure, and walk after your line [2 Cor 10:16], which is the light which comes from Christ who is your life [John 1:4]; that every one of you may have praise and comfort in the same, and every one of you may be kept in the way of righteousness and peace up to the Lord, who is righteousness and peace, where the blessed hope is seen [Titus 2:13] with the light that comes from him by whom the world was made [John 1:3]. That so the covenant of light, life, and peace [Isa 42:6, Ezek 37:26] ye may all come to witness, and every one come to have dominion and rule over <130> your own spirits [Prov 25:28]; for the spirit of man lusteth to envy [James 4:5], if it be not subdued by the spirit of the living God [2 Cor 3:3]. Therefore wait and take heed, lest any nakedness appear [Rev 3:18], and that which is not justified in the sight of God. And take heed of presumption, lest ye go from the living God; but in the spirit dwell, that over all that ye may reign, and come to be recorded in the book of life [Rev 21:27], which life was before the world was. And this brings you to see and read one another, as epistles written in one another's hearts [2 Cor 3:2], where in unity, love, and peace ye will come to dwell, in the life of the spirit of the living God, in which the saints had unity, which brought them to be taught of the living God [Isa 54:13]; and so they gave forth the scriptures, as they were moved by the holy ghost. So no prophecy in the old time came by the will of man [2 Pet 1:21]., but was learned of God. So now ye waiting in the spirit every one, to be taught of God the Father of spirits [Heb 12:9], your teacher is with you present, and one in you all, according to your measures. Which spirit is given to every one of you to profit withal [1 Cor 12:7]; by which holy spirit the scripture was given forth. Which scripture the world hath got, who are sensual, not having the spirit, and there they are fighting about the outside and the languages. And there is the sea, which the beast ariseth out of [Rev 13:1], which the world wonders after [Rev 13:3]; and there is the mother of harlots [Rev 17:5], with all her false colours, whose eyes are out from the light which comes from him by whom the world was made; there ye may go, and have a name to live, but are dead. Now all be willing to wait in the measure of that which is eternal, that no fornication be found amongst you, nor deceit; that all may come to receive wisdom from Christ, who is the wisdom of God [1 Cor 1:24]. That this wisdom may be justified [Mat 11:19] in you all, and ye all in the light preserved, and that which is contrary condemned. So that ye may all be kept from deadness and slothfulness, in the fear of the Lord God, and therein your hearts kept clean. And so the Lord God Almighty preserve you! Friends, keep your meetings every where, waiting upon the Lord, that to him ye may be a sweet savour [2 Cor 2:15]. And watch over one another with the measure of the spirit of the Lord. The Lord God Almighty preserve you, and keep you in his will, wisdom, light, life, and power. G. F.

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