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What, Friends! Do ye reign as kings [1 Cor 4:8]? Can they pluck never a one (of you) out of the Father's hand [John 10:20]? Are ye put forth? Do ye witness that scripture fulfilled; put forth to follow the King of kings [Rev 19:16), (the shepherd,) who gives life abundantly [John 10:10f]? In that let your joy be still, and your comfort remain; in which ye will feel the endless kingdom and dominion [Psa 145:13, Dan 4:3,34]. In that the Lord be with you, who is your strength, comfort, and fulness for evermore, world without end [Eph 3:21]! And, friends, mind the light, and dwell in it, and it will keep you atop of all the world; and mind the seed of God, and know it, and in it be content. Dwell in the power of truth [1 Esd 4:40], and be not negligent in that, but diligent, serving the Lord, every one in your measures; that to the Lord God every one of you may be a blessing [Gen 12:2], and a sweet savour [2 Cor 2:15] unto him in your creation and generation, feeling and knowing the Lord's power every one in yourselves, yea, the power of an endless life [Heb 7:16], and of a kingdom that hath no end [Luke 1:33], and of a dominion that is over all dominions. <200> And in the power of the Lord God everlasting, ye may feel the seed of God in every particular of you raised up, which doth inherit the same; that ye may sit down in your own possession of everlasting life. And in that meet together, waiting upon the Lord [e.g. Isa 40:31], and in it keep your meetings, where ye may feel the chief shepherd leading you into pastures of life [Psa 23:2, Ezek 34:14]. And so the blessing of the Lord be with you! G. F.

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