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And in all your men and women's meetings, let all things be done in love, which doth edify the body [Eph 4:16]; and let nothing be done in strife and vain glory [Phil 2:3], but keep in the unity of the spirit, which is the bond of peace [Eph 4:3]. And let all things be done in the wisdom of God, which is pure and gentle, from above, above the earthly, which is below, sensual, and devilish [James 3:17,15]. . . . And keep your testimony against all the filthy rags [Isa 64:4] of the old world; and for your fine linen, the righteousness of Christ Jesus [Rev 19:8]. And keep your testimony for your liberty in Christ Jesus [Gal 2:4], and stand fast in it [Gal 5:1], against all the false liberties in old Adam; and your liberty in the spirit of God, and in the gospel of Christ Jesus, against all the false and loose liberties in the flesh [Gal 5:13]. And train up all your children in the fear of the Lord [Psa 34:11/Prov 22:6], and in his new covenant, Christ Jesus; as the Jews did their children and servants in the old covenant, and so do you admonish your children and servants. And let no man or any live to themselves, but in that love that seeks not her own [1 Cor 13:5]. And have an eye over them that come to spy out your liberty in Christ [Gal 2:4], and will report out of your meetings things to make advantage, and to the defaming of persons. And let every one seek the good of one another, and their welfare in the truth, and make others' condition their own; and this keeps as a father and mother to condescend to a child. And all live in the seed which hath the blessing, and in the wisdom by which you may order all things to God's glory [Wis 8:1/1 Cor 10:31], over the evil seed, that is out of the truth [John 8:44]. . . . <330> And stop all bad reports, (for thou shalt not raise a false report [Exo 23:1] upon my people, saith the Lord,) and minister justice upon it presently, so that no man or woman may be defiled or defamed with such things. G. F.

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