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All that are gathered in the name of Jesus [Mat 18:20], and are made alive by him and quickened by him, come to the flock of Christ; and know where they feed at noon-day [Song 1:7], they are gathered into the name of Jesus Christ, whose name is above every name; and know that there is no salvation under the whole heaven, but in the name of Jesus [4.12" class="scriptRef">Acts 4:12], in the testimony that they have of Jesus, which is the spirit [Rev 19:10], by which they see Jesus, and see his pastures of life, see his springs of life, and his rivers of life, and his bread of life [John 6:35]; and see the footsteps of the flock [Song 1:8[, the testimony of Jesus, the spirit, by which they see him and his flock; and they see the barren mountains they have been upon and come off from. And therefore all you that be gathered into the name of Jesus, and walk in the path of the just [Prov 4:18], where the footsteps of the flock are, quench not the spirit [1 Th 5:19] in any, and if any will not have of your bread of life, and water of life [Rev 21:6], let them fast, that will neither receive, nor give; for the bread of life and water of life, are not only given to feed yourselves, but by them you may feed others, and refresh others: therefore have bread in your houses, and water in your own well [Prov 5:15], and fruit of your own tree, and salt in yourselves, to savour withal [Mark 9:50], that you may try all things [1 Th 5:21]; and have oil in your own lamps, [Mat 25:1-10] that they may burn in your own temple; and odour and frankincense, that it may burn continually upon your own altar [Lev 24:2,4], that it may ascend as a sweet savour, holy and pure [Exo 30:35], up to God who is holy and pure. Be not removed off your ground, wherein you may grow and increase. And so quench not the spirit, despise not prophecy [1 Th 5:20], hate not the light, [John 3:20] but improve your talent; hide it not but improve it [Mat 25:14-30]. Mind the kingdom within [Luke 17:21], and the heavenly penny [Mat 20:9], and the spirit of God, which is given to instruct you [Neh 9:20]; and <16> walk according to the rule of the spirit of God [Gal 6:16/5:25], that he hath given to you to profit withal [1 Cor 12:7]; and mind the truth in the inward parts [Psa 51:6]; so that you may be adorned and arrayed with a meek and a quiet spirit [1 Pet 3:4]. For the light that shines in your hearts will give you the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ [2 Cor 4:6], that you may know the heavenly treasure in your earthly vessels [2 Cor 4:7], and the day star to arise, the day to dawn in your own hearts [2 Pet 1:19], that you may become temples of Christ; he to dwell with you, and walk with you, and sup with you [Rev 3:20]; and the blood of Christ to sprinkle your hearts from dead works, and your consciences also [Heb 9:14], that you may serve the living God [Heb 10:2]. So know the true faith to purify your hearts [Acts 15:9], which Christ is the author and finisher of [Heb 12:2]; and the true hope, to purify you. And so, be true believers in the light, as Christ commands, and become children of the light [John 12:36]; for he that believes, hath the witness in himself [1 Jn 5:10]. And know the true word in your hearts and mouths; which is the word of faith the apostle preached [Rom 10:8], which distinguishes your good thoughts from bad, and your good words from bad; which word is in your hearts to obey and do. Which is as a hammer [Jer 23:29] to hammer down sin and evil, and as a sword [Heb 4:12] to cut it down, and as a fire [Jer 23:29] to burn it up. So that by that word you may be sanctified [John 17:17], by that word you may have salvation, by that word you may be reconciled to God [2 Cor 5:19]; by which all things are upheld, by his word and power [Heb 1:3]; by this word you may be born again of the immortal seed, that lives and abides for ever [1 Pet 1:23]. And so from this word you may have your milk [1 Pet 2:2]; for this is the ingrafted word, that is able to save the soul [Jas 1:21], and raise the soul, that is immortal, up unto the immortal God. And by this word you will see over all the deceivers of your souls; which word was before they were. And by this word you will understand the scriptures of truth [Dan 10:21], that cannot be broken [John 10:35]. And by this word you will come to judge all those that are got into the imaginations concerning the scriptures, and that set them up in the room of God and Christ, in their dark imaginations [Rom 1:21], who in their darkness cannot comprehend the light [John 1:5]. And by this word you will have riches; out of this word is poverty. And by this word you will come to know life and salvation; for in the beginning was the word, and the word was with God [John 1:1]; and Christ's name is called the word of God [Rev 19:13]; and the scriptures are the words which are to be fulfilled. So all be diligent in the truth, that you may be fruitful in the word of God, that it may have its passage through you all. G. F.

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