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These are short notes and quotes from interviews of Chinese underground Church workers in various parts of China: “…also believed they must sacrifice their families (husband and children) in order to work for the “kingdom family of God” – sister Liu twelve churches of her own, and she helped to plant over one hundred churches During the strongest persecution in China: But in the midst of this fiery suffering and trial, God preserved his children and protected his church. He also used this opportunity to purify his church, cleansing the faith of his children. This is the testimony of many Christians who went through this period of tribulation. In the midst of trial, they recognized their own weakness and corruption, seeing the shortcomings in their faith. – brother Jianguo Depending on the gift of God, the will of God. If God wants me to do this, then I will do this. If He wants me to say that then I will say that. They listen to God and then everybody should obey God. If it is from God they should listen but if it is not from God it doesn’t matter who it is from men or women. – Xiao When asked about stronger persecution coming from authorities in China what would be the response? Be strong and stand firm on the truth. So we can go to heaven, and welcome the kingdom of God coming earlier together. – Xue

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