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      Look at Israel in Exodus 35 - 39, bringing their gifts to the Sanctuary, and making the materials for it. Did they know what was to come forth out of it all? No. All that Moses told them was, what they were to bring, and then what they were to make, and that the result would be a Sanctuary. But how each thing was to be disposed of, what place each was to fill in relation to the rest, and what the general effect of the whole was to be, they know not. But this did not hinder them offering and working. The great result lay in Moses' hand. And accordingly, when they had made all, Moses arranged all. (Ex. 40) The confusion ceased--and the heaps of things made by them, strewn under their eyes, were reduced to most perfect order, and not only to order, but made to disclose the most precious mysteries and secrets of Divine counsel and grace. They gave in faith, and laboured in faith. They knew but little. But they trusted. And the end so vindicated all their confidence, that they full down and shout in holy triumph. (See Lev. 9: 24.)*

      *Lev. 1 - 9 is to be read in connection with Ex. 35 - 40, because all the results of the faith which gave and worked for the Sanctuary do not come out till Lev. 8, 9, when Aaron uses the garments which are made for him in Ex. 39.

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