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When we live our ordinary, everyday life, God promises that He will live through us. We are vessels to contain Him. He moves us, urges us, motivates us to do His will, so that we can say with Paul that it is no longer we who are living but Christ who lives in us (Galatians 2:20). This is what the primitive church understood. They had no New Testament, not even the Old Testament; they didn't have copies of the Old Testament at home to read. They just had Jesus Christ. So they said, "Jesus Christ heals you. Come on, get up." We say, "Read books about healing." This is because we have a theological approach based on books and meditation, instead of on life. They had the living Person; we have only a concept. We sing, "I'll never walk alone." We are at least being honest. We don't go alone. We go with the Bible under our arm. But in the primitive church, they went with the Lord. He dwelt in them and walked in them; He was their life, not just a concept. That it is why they moved in such great power. Look at yourself in a mirror. Get yourself in focus--discover who you are. You are an expression of the glorified, eternal Christ who lives within you. Begin to believe that about yourself and you will start to experience His life as a daily reality.

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