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Below are excerpts from the full transcript of the audio interview All quotes below are by Steven Gallagher, who runs the ministry Eternal Weight: “…What I do believe is that the formal church is growing increasingly more cold to the things of God. More program oriented rather than Spirit-oriented.” “I think the day will come where we will have to quietly have house churches. House church meetings like they have in China and so on.” “John The Baptist spent years just out in the wilderness. Paul spent much time out in the wilderness. David spend years out in the wilderness. Total solitude. Quiet. Relaxed. Restful. Boring kind of living. You see the contrast just when you look at Biblical ministers versus ministers today.” “The life-style has become so intense and so fast paced and so flesh driven thats alot of it. It’s just hard for people (or at least they are not interested in it) to really slow their pace of life down and spend hours with God in His presence and to be happy to do that.” “That is when I started to realize: “Wow, the Church has already fallen so far from where she once was 100 years ago or even less.” So, that falling away is well under the way but we still have a long ways to go. ” “And that the Evangelical movement per-se has fallen far from the life in God they once had. And one of the reasons I could see it so clearly was for the last 25 to 30 years I have studied the writings of godly men from the 19th century. And when you start reading about what they say about the apostasy.” “People are being martyred in China now, today! And that is kinda where I see things going when the formal church as we know it is you know in my mind’s eye I see something growing colder and harder and crustier and more formal and religious.” “Just on a practical basis a pastor is a prime victim for pornography addiction and all that sort of types that sin can lead you into. Because he is a professional, he has his own office, he has his own hours he keeps he can come and go as he desires. he doesn’t really have to answer to people in the sense of his time. And so he can kind of, it is very easy for a pastor a professional pastor to be able to get involved in something like that. And of course they are targets of the enemy so the enemy is going to do everything they can to get pastors involved in pornography addiction or sexual addiction of some sort.” “That segment of the church which will be vastly the large portion is going attack the remnant, those who are really walking with the Lord.” “But I will say this Greg in the early 1970′s when I first came to the Lord in the Jesus movement. When they talked about the rapture in those days it was with fear. Fear of the Lord. You know the whole atmosphere in the Church then was you better be ready to face the Lord, you better have your life together because we could be zapped out of here and standing before the Lord any moment.” “But as you well know Greg, you have studied Church history! The entire history of the Church is laden with persecution. In fact I would say Her finest hours were when She was being hotly persecuted. When believers were having to take a stand for their faith and it really cost them something.” “But for people who are living for this world and the things of this world. And are living in the flesh and their interests are in this earth life and in the temporal and in the pleasures and entrainment’s of this world and all these carnal things. I cannot see how that person has prepared themselves to go into that other realm where Jesus is King.” “That is something that I feel is apart of the apostasy. It’s that entire delusion that we can live like devils we can live for all the world has to offer us and then think that we are going to just transported into heaven and be with Jesus. I just don’t see it.” “…there are sincere believers out there and there are pockets of Christians out there across the United States and Canada and other countries. They are out there. They are going to be coming increasingly ostracized I believe in the days ahead.”

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