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"What do you have—that you have not received?" 1 Cor. 4:7 What grace do you have—that you have not received? All the light, and all the life, and all the love, and all the joy, and all the fear, and all the faith, and all the hope, and all the patience, and all the humility, etc., that you have—are all grace gifts—they are all from God. "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights." James 1:17 A man should never look upon his graces—but should be ready to say, "These are the jewels of glory with which God has bespangled my soul!" Look! as all light flows from the sun, and all water from the sea—so all temporal, spiritual, and eternal good flows from God. All your graces, and the greatest excellencies which are in you, do as much depend upon God, as the light does upon the sun, or as the rivers do upon the sea, or as the branches do upon the root, John 15:1-5. All the springs of comfort that I have communicated to my soul, and all the springs of grace that I have to quicken me, they are all from God. A Christian's graces are all such flowers of paradise as never grew in nature's garden. Now, when a Christian looks thus upon all those costly diamonds of grace, with which his soul is bedecked, he keeps humble, though his graces are high. Dear hearts, when you look upon the stream, remember the fountain; when you look upon the flower, remember the root; and whenever you look upon your graces, then be sure to remember Christ the fountain of grace. When one of your eyes is fixed upon your graces—let the other be always fixed upon Christ the fountain of grace. "Indeed, we have all received grace after grace from His fullness." John 1:16 Grace is strengthened, maintained, nourished, and upheld in your souls—in life and power, in beauty and glory—by the spiritual, powerful, and glorious operations of Christ! Christians, your graces are holy and heavenly plants of Christ's own planting and watering! It is Christ alone who can cause your graces to blossom, and your souls to be like a watered garden—green and flourishing! Therefore let the eye of your souls be firstly, mostly, and chiefly fixed upon Christ.

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