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Dealing With Offence

Build up the highway Remove the stones Isa 62:10 God is about to visit His church in a mighty move. However, many people are stumbled by offence and immobilized. How can we remove the stones so they can join the race? DEALING WITH OFFENCE One of the most beautiful and promising, potential kings lost... Read More


Discernment Desperately Needed for End Times When false signs and miracles occur will we be able to see below the surface and discern or will we be deceived? DISCERNMENT -for End Times . A Critical Need for These Times Several days before New Year’s day, 2002, I sensed the Lord asking me what I part... Read More

Spiritual Fathers and Sons

Reconnecting the Generations for the Promised Blessing Few Fathers – Many Orphans The cry for Spiritual Fathers and Mothers is rising up all across the earth. Fathers have not learned how to be fathers, and children feel orphaned, misunderstood, deserted, and often even abused. Picture five young wo... Read More

The Corporate Walk

THE CORPORATE WALK For Spiritual blessing and Authority INTRODUCTION This writing makes several bold assumptions: -Genuine corporate functioning as expressed in John 17 “May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that You sent Me” and as the church experienced in Acts 4, “All the be... Read More

Group of Brands