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Demonstration 1 (Of Faith)

Letter of an Inquirer 1. Beloved, I send you inquiries and questions, for I am compelled to seek further instruction of you on many points. Do not refuse to hear me. My spirit urges me to warn you about many topics that you may unfold for me the spiritual perceptions of your mind, and may show me of... Read More

Demonstration 10 (Of Pastors)

1. Pastors are set over the flock, and give the sheep the food of life. Whosoever is watchful, and toils in behalf of his sheep, is careful for his flock, and is the disciple of our Good Shepherd, who gave Himself in behalf of His sheep. John 10:11, sq And whosoever brings not back his flock careful... Read More

Demonstration 17 (Of Christ the Son of God)

1. (This is) a reply against the Jews, who blaspheme the people gathered from among the Gentiles; for they say thus, You worship and serve a man who was begotten, a son of man who was crucified, and you call a son of men, God. And though God has no son, you say concerning this crucified Jesus, that ... Read More

Demonstration 21 (Of Persecution)

1. I have heard a reproach, which has greatly vexed me. The unclean (the heathen) say, that this people, which is gathered together out of all nations, has no God. And thus say the impious:— If they have a God, why does He not avenge His people? And darkness more exceedingly has thickened upon me, b... Read More

Demonstration 22 (Of Death and the 50atter Times)

1. The upright and righteous and good and wise fear not nor tremble at death, because of the great hope that is before them. And they at every time are mindful of death, their exodus, and of the last day in which the children of Adam shall be judged. They know that by the sentence of judgment death ... Read More

Demonstration 5 (Of Wars)

1. This reflection has befallen me at this time concerning the shaking that is to take place at this time, and the host that has assembled itself for the sword. The times were disposed beforehand by God. The times of peace are fulfilled in the days of the good and just; and the times of many evils a... Read More

Demonstration 6 (Of Monks)

1. Expedient is the word that I speak and worthy of acceptance:— Let us now awake from our sleep, Romans 13:11 and lift up both our hearts and hands to God towards heaven; lest suddenly the Lord of the house come, that when He comes He may find us in watchfulness. Luke 12:37 Let us observe the appoi... Read More

Demonstration 8 (Of the Resurrection of the Dead)

1. At all times controversies arise on this matter, how the dead shall rise and with what body they shall come? 1 Corinthians 15:35 For lo! The body wears out and is corrupted; and the bones also, no doubt, as time lengthens out over them, waste away and are not to be recognised. And when you enter ... Read More

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