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Making the Sermon Come Alive in My Heart

We need to prepare our hearts before we can hear God speak through a sermon. James’ phrase "filthiness and all that remains of wickedness" refers generally to any type of sin. When James writes of "putting [it] aside," he uses a term that describes taking off an old, dirty coat and laying it aside. ... Read More

Revival Was the Church's Only Hope

"How many thousands ... never saw, much less read, or ever heard a chapter of the Bible! How many Ten thousands who never were baptized or heard a Sermon! And thrice Ten thousand, who never heard of the name of Christ, save in Curses...! Lamentable! Lamentable is the situation of these people."[1] S... Read More

Silence and Solitude

There is something both appealing and transforming about silence and solitude. Other than Jesus Christ, perhaps the greatest men under each Covenant--Moses and the Apostle Paul--were both transformed through years of virtual isolation in a remote wilderness. And there are moments in our pressure-coo... Read More

Group of Brands