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Eph. 3:18 There are two ways in which we may fall into sectarianism. We may adopt a distinctively sectarian platform by associating ourselves with those believers whose bond is avowedly a common agreement on points of doctrine, or upon questions of church government; or, while we professedly take th... Read More

Expository Jotting - "Accepted in the Beloved."

As to the meaning of this phrase we cite a note from the New Translation by J.N.D. He says, after giving the Greek word, "taken us into His favour," "put us into a position of grace and favour." "Accepted us" is too formal a doctrine here, not so general as χ'�ρ'�τ�'ω (the Greek word used). But "she... Read More

The Three Marys as Presented in the Gospels

PREFATORY. BY "the three Marys" it is not meant that there are not other Marys in the New Testament, only that the three selected -- Mary the mother of our Lord, Mary of Bethany, and Mary Magdalene -- occupy a specially prominent place. It must indeed be apparent to every reader of the Scriptures th... Read More

The Three Raisings of the Dead

Mark 5: 22-43; Luke 7: 11-16; John 11. Three times only, as far as we know, did the Lord Jesus, while upon earth, raise the dead to life; viz., the daughter of Jairus, the son of the widow of Nain, and Lazarus. Each of these cases has its special characteristics and instruction. The daughter of Jair... Read More

Twelve Letters to Young Believers

PREFACE These letters to young believers are reprinted, without alteration, from the Christian's Friend magazine. They were originally written by the editor for the help of one who had but recently been converted, and who had never the opportunity of listening to oral teaching. But in as much as the... Read More

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