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Frank Viola

Frank Viola

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Frank Viola author is the bestselling author of God’s Favorite Place on Earth, From Eternity to Here, Jesus Manifesto, Reimagining Church, Jesus Now, and Jesus: A Theography. Rethinking status quo Christianity, Frank Viola has helped thousands of Christians to deepen their relationship to Jesus and experience a more vibrant, authentic expression of church. His blog, Beyond Evangelical, is one of the most popular in Christian circles today, ranking in the top 10 of all Christian blogs on the Web. Viola has written a series of well-read articles called Rethinking. Frank Viola’s message has enabled God’s people to:

Frank’s public speaking covers a wide range of topics including the centrality, supremacy, and all-sufficiency of Jesus Christ, the deepening of the spiritual life, Christian community, church planting, God’s eternal purpose, mission, and church renewal and restoration. Viola has written numerous books on the deeper Christian life and radical church reform, including the bestsellers God’s Favorite Place on Earth, From Eternity to Here, Jesus Manifesto (coauthored with Len Sweet), and Pagan Christianity (co-authored with George Barna) as well as Revise Us Again, Finding Organic Church, Reimagining Church, Jesus Now, and The Untold Story of the New Testament Church.

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Frank Viola

God's View of a Woman

This article is based on a message the author delivered to a newly planted church in Santiago, Chile on December 31, 2001. Note: The Chilean culture tends to have a very low view of women. After tonight’s message, if this tape gets out of this room and someone hears it in your country, I will defini... Read More
Frank Viola

The Lord Jesus Christ and Authority

Jesus Christ came into the earth at a time when the Romans were in power. Now the Romans had a certain kind of leadership that marked their society. They got this leadership model from the Babylonians and the Egyptians. But the Romans brought it to perfection. It was the hierarchical leadership stru... Read More
Frank Viola

The Three Gospels

During the thirty years that I have been a Christian, I have observed that most believers can be divided up into two tribes. The libertines and the legalists. The libertines are those who go to church, own a Bible, and profess to believe in Jesus Christ. However, they have no vital relationship or w... Read More

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