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Henry Mahan

      In March 1947 Pastor Henry Mahan and his wife, Doris, moved to Ashland, KY to work with Pastor Donald Wells and the Southern Baptist church -Pollard Baptist. In September 1947, realizing that he needed more training and education, the Mahans moved to Chattanooga, TN, where he attended Tennessee Temple College for three years. While there he pastored the Oakwood Baptist Church.

      In April 1950, the Pollard Baptist Church called Pastor Mahan to be Pastor Wells' assistant pastor. In August 1951 Pastor Wells resigned the church and moved to Chattanooga, TN. The church called Pastor Mahan to be their pastor in October 1951.

      Finally, in the late 70's he began to write his own Sunday School lessons, verse by verse through the New Testament; and the teachers used these from that day forward.

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Henry Mahan

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Henry Mahan

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