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James C. Creel

      James Cowherd Creel was born April 13, 1846, on a farm in Green County, Kentucky, of poor but respectable parents. James' parents were pious and devoted Baptists, and at the early age of thirteen he joined the Baptist Church; and when eighteen years old, having learned the way of the Lord more accurately, he gave up all denominationalism and became a Christian only, belonging to the Church of Christ only; and by this act he became identified with that religious body who, as individuals, are simply disciples of Christ or Christians, and, as congregations, are simply churches of Christ, no more nor less. In other words, he ceased to be a Baptist, and ceased to belong to the Baptist Church by becoming a Christian only, and belonging to the Church of Christ only.

      On the first Lord's Day in October, 1871, at Gilead Church, Hart County, Kentucky, Bro. Creel preached his first sermon, on the text: "Blessed are the pure in heart; for they shall see God." (Matt. v. 8). In a few months afterward he was ordained to the Christian ministry by fasting, prayers, and the laying on of hands; immediately after which he located at Litchfield, Kentucky, taught school, and preached for the church and also a country congregation. After this he located at White Mills, taught a select school several terms, preached for the church and some other contiguous congregations, one Lord's Day each. He then gave up school-teaching, and devoted his whole time to preaching, locating with the church at Sonora, where he spent five years, after which he located with and served each one of the churches at Glasgow and Henderson. In January, 1885, he accepted the work at Richmond, Missouri, where he served the church two years, and then came to Plattsburg, Missouri.

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James C. Creel

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James C. Creel

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