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Have You Found The Nail?

What a strange question! but it refers to the Son of God, our Lord Jesus Christ, and is a prophecy concerning His birth and death. The prophet Zechariah foretold His coming with this name and title, chapter 10 and verse 4 of his prophecy: "Out of him (the tribe of Judah) shall come forth . . . The N... Read More

Spiritual Ambition

In his second epistle, Peter describes the condition of professing Christendom and the unbelieving world as existing at the end of the age. Two particular forms of evil are recorded: first, in chapter 2, the presence of false teachers propagating unsound doctrine, accompanied by wicked deeds, promin... Read More

The End of the Wilderness Path

The terminal of our earthly pilgrimage is suitably described in the Song of Solomon, chapter 8 and verse 5, saying—"Who is this that cometh up out of the wilderness leaning on her beloved?" Some believers have a deep realization of this being near for them, when they will be "with Christ—which is fa... Read More

The Joy of Being With Christ

Have you ever considered that in a very few words, the Scriptures describe the blessedness of those who have gone to he with Christ? Yet these few words are complete in their revelation to convey to our hearts the eternal blessedness of it! WHERE ARE THEY? is a question these Scriptures answer, in r... Read More

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