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HEAVEN! John Dagg, 1794-1884 DOCTRINE: The righteous will be taken to Heaven, and made perfectly happy forever in the presence and enjoyment of God. Godliness has the promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come. It often happens that the believer in Christ has an afflicted lot in t... Read More


HELL John Dagg, 1794-1884 DOCTRINE: The wicked will be cast into Hell, where they will suffer everlasting punishment for their sins. Natural religion teaches the doctrine of future retribution; and even the heathen had their notions of punishment to be endured in another world, for crimes committed ... Read More


ETERNITY! John Dagg, 1794-1884 This poor world is not such a habitation as a wise man would desire to live in forever. The young and thoughtless expect to find happiness in it; but experience teaches that the expectation is vain and delusive. Disappointment, care, and sorrow form a large part of hum... Read More

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