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John Fischer

Designer Christianity

I'm ready to go dancing, but what do I wear? The clothes the church gave me are totally square. I need to hit the floor with a little flare-- Something that looks like I'm going somewhere. So dress me up in the clothes of my culture. Give me some style; put on the luster. And they'll think that the ... Read More
John Fischer

Dressing Up

Dressing up, Lookin' good and feelin' so alive. Dressing up, Got the clothes and I'm goin' in style. —Barbie and the Rockers I would like to go dancing all dressed up, but I'm not sure what to wear. You see, I haven't been dancing much; it's been against my religion most of my growing-up days — or a... Read More
John Fischer

God On Trial

There is a major problem that confronts popularized ministry in America today: How do we convince the world that Christianity is true? We tend to take the witness stand and try to prove the truth of the Gospel by our experience. It is a sad state of affairs, however, when God has to stand trial, wai... Read More
John Fischer

Of Peelings And Pedestals

I grew up under the watchful eye of a mainline evangelical denomination. Every Sunday I attended Sunday School in the morning and Christian Endeavor at night. Once a month I stayed late for a Sunday-night sing after church. I remember the sings because there was often a trumpet trio playing a double... Read More
John Fischer

Reflections on an Alien

I was on a plane recently when I noticed a ten-year-old boy playing with a plastic replica of some horrible creature from outer space. It had purple bat wings, long red steer horns, a pig snout, glowing red eyes, and silver crab claws for hands. Its two legs were composed of three skinless bones tha... Read More
John Fischer

The Glitter and the Glory

Hardly any other aspect of Christianity is more affected by the proliferation of popular appearances and images than our concept of glory. Glory used to be strictly a spiritual term, associated with the radiance of the character and presence of God and His heaven. Old Testament revelations of the gl... Read More

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