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Mike Atnip

Ambrosius Spittelmayr

The life and methods of a 7/20 Missionary “Does the priest of this town preach the gospel?” Ambrosius Spittelmayr asked the man next to him. They were both seated on the hearth of the large fireplace of a 16th-century tavern—we might call it a “Bed and Breakfast” in our day—warming up after a day’s ... Read More
Mike Atnip

Christian Traditions

Traditions: Are they good or bad? One doesn’t have to look far to find a dead tradition. They lie around churches like the old tombstones of a church burial ground: rotting, crumbling, and yet too memory-filled to just dump over the hill somewhere. But what about live traditions? Like faithful apple... Read More
Mike Atnip

The Third Baptism

I have a baptism to be baptized with ... Luke 12:50 One could fill a library with the books that have been written about the first two baptisms. In the life of Jesus, our Perfect Example, we find Him being baptized with water by John the Baptist. In quick succession, the Holy Spirit “descend[ed] lik... Read More

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