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Behold the Happiness of those Espoused to Christ

Hence behold the happiness of all them that be espoused to the Lord Jesus, in that their hopes are laid up in another world, at the day of the coming of the Lord Jesus. 1 Cor. 15:19, "If we had hope only in this life, we were of all men most miserable." Because none so foolish or so sensible of mise... Read More

Consider How Christ Will Love You.

Consider what he will do for thee, how he will love thee, if thou wilt thus love him. 1. He will set thee next himself in honor, (Ps. 45:9;) that as the Lord Jesus is next to God, sits at his right hand, so here, which is an honor that the angels have not, who are nowhere called Christ's spouse; hen... Read More

Containing Motives and Arguments to Persuade Us unto the Love of Christ, and to be Espoused to Him.

Is there no communion to be had with the Lord Jesus, unless virgins —unless espoused to him? O, therefore, here is a match for you; choose him, get your affections, if entangled, to come off if insnared to any other thing, and set your hearts, bestow your love upon him. For it is not a dead faith (b... Read More

Eleven Degrees of Resting in Duties

This resting in duties appears in these eleven degrees:— 1. The soul of a poor sinner, if ignorantly bred and brought up, rests confidently in superstitious vanities. Ask a devout Papist how he hopes to be saved; he will answer, by his good works. But inquire, further, What are these good works? Why... Read More

He Loves You with an Unmeasurable Love.

He loves thee with an unmeasurable love. Rom. 5:20, Where sin there grace hath abounded." Hence (Eph. 2:3, 4) love "and "great love." Verse 7, "Exceeding riches of his grace." For there is in Christ,— 1. A created love. One man loves another exceedingly, as Jonathan did David. Now, he hath the perfe... Read More

How Shall I know that the Lord Loves Me?

Quest. How shall I know that the Lord loves me, despite my sin? Ans. 1. If the Lord loves thee for his name's sake, it will draw thee to that fellowship with itself, that whatever thou lackest thou wilt seek for it hence, by presenting that name of God, that for his own sake he would supply. I know ... Read More

Love Christ Because of His Glory

Consider the glory of the person for whom I plead for love. What can you love besides him? Where can you find any like unto him? I know the glory of the Lord is not revealed, because the grass withers not, the flower fades not, the creature appears not in his withering vanity. Is. 40. But if the Lor... Read More

Love Him Because of His Love to You

Consider he makes love to thee. Not one soul that hears me this day but the Lord Jesus is a suitor unto, that now ye would be espoused to him; "He came unto his own, and they received him not." Whatever the secret purpose of Christ is, I regard not. In this evangelical dispensation of grace, he make... Read More

Love the Lord Jesus!

He has from before all worlds loved thee, when [there appeared to be] no reason for it. Jer. xxxi. 1-3. Thou hast neglected to love him long, all thy youth, nay, it may be all thy life; O, you beloved of the Lord, begin to do it now, when there is all reason for it, when heaven calls for it, earth c... Read More

Only Those Prepared Here

Observe: Those only who are ready and prepared in this life for Christ, shall enjoy eternal and immediate communion with Christ; those only who are fitted shall partake of his fellowship; for of all these virgins (though many of them were otherwise very well qualified) only those which were ready di... Read More

Signs of Resting in Duties

But because it is hard for to know when a man rests in duties, and few men find themselves guilty of this sin, which ruins so many, I will show two things:— 1. The signs of a man's resting in duties. 2. The insufficiency of all duties to save men; that so those that be found guilty of this sin may n... Read More

The Inability of All Duties to Save

Therefore behold the insufficiency of all duties to save us; which will appear in these three things which I speak, that you may learn hereafter never to rest in duties:— First. Consider, your best duties are tainted, poisoned, and mingled with some sin, and therefore are most odious in the eyes of ... Read More

The Proper Purpose of Duties

But you will say, To what end should I perform duties, if I can not be saved by them? For these three ends:— First. To carry you to the Lord Jesus, the only Saviour. (Heb.7:25.) He only is able to save (not duties) all that come unto God (that is, in the use of means) by him. Hear a sermon to carry ... Read More

Why Men Rest in Duties

Now, the reasons why men rest in their duties are these:— First. Because it is natural to a man out of Christ to do so. Adam and all his posterity were to be saved by his doing: "Do this and live;" work, and here is your wages; win life, and wear it. Hence all his posterity seeks to this day to be s... Read More

Wine for Gospel Wantons...

"Behold, I will fill all the inhabitants of this land, even the kings...and the priests, and the prophets, and all the inhabitants...with drunkenness. And I will dash them one against another, even the fathers and the sons together... I will not pity, nor spare, nor have mercy, but destroy them. Hea... Read More

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