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Tom Garner

God's Wrath Not Withheld

WHEN I READ THIS VERSE "The LORD is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble, and He knows those who take refuge in Him" (Nahum 1:7), this one verse gives me comfort and hope, for which I am grateful. For you see, the rest of this small book deals with a subject that many in Christianity today would... Read More
Tom Garner

Prayer - A Forgotten Piece of the Armor

PAUL IN VERSES 11-17 HAS JUST SPOKEN on the "Full Armor Of God.." My friends there have been many, many, many books written on this one subject! Many sermons have been preached on this one subject. Many have written as to the various elements and importance of each piece. There has even been great t... Read More
Tom Garner

We Can Take Joy...

My heart soars when I read this one verse. Within the past few years it has been a comfort and breathe of fresh air to me. What we have here is the key verse for the letter written to the Philippians. This verse is the rock or foundation concerning this mans situation that he finds himself in, not o... Read More
Tom Garner

What is Repentance?

It is a sorry state of affairs because many today leave this word, "repentance" out of their teachings and their preaching. This word is often overlooked and is not used for fear it would drive away the seeker. This word seeker, or seeker friendly is a buzz word for today. Let us digress for a momen... Read More
Tom Garner

Where Does Revival Begin?

Today if one were to come to you and say, "we need to have a revival", where would you thoughts go? Think about it, what does the word revival mean to you? If you were to ask many today, "What is a revival?" you would get this answer: "It is a series of meetings where we bring our lost friends toget... Read More

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