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Revision project of the Chinese Union Version (CUV) started from 1985 by the United Bible Societies. In 2000, Hong Kong Bible Society took up the responsibilities in providing financial and ongoing support for the revision project. In 2010, Old and New Testament - Revised Chinese Union Version (RCUV) was published. The revision principles and characteristics include: Minimal changes; Faithfulness to the original style of CUV; Conformity to current usages and expressions of today’s Chinese language; Chinese Bible scholars from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and other countries participated in the revision. 聖經和合本修訂版(英語:Revised Chinese Union Version,縮寫:RCUV)為一本針對和合本進行修訂而成的中文聖經譯本,由三十多位來自中國大陸、香港、台灣、馬來西亞和新加坡等地的華人聖經學者耗時27年修訂而成,於2010年完成修訂工作並出版新舊約全書。該修訂版秉承「不為修訂而修訂」及「盡量少改」的原則,忠於原文,力求保持和合本的風格,儘量保留信徒熟知的金句。[1]
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