The crowd has just asked Pilate to release Barabbas to them instead of Jesus. This doesn’t help Pilate with the problem of what to do with Jesus, and so he asks the crowd.

What shall I do, then, with the one you call the king of the Jews?” Pilate asked them.

Pilate is still desperately trying to save Jesus. He is continually throwing the issue back to the people, He doesn’t want to deal with it. But he must. And now that the crowd has shockingly chosen Barabbas, Pilate seems well and truly cornered.

It’s now that Pilate asks the most important question, “What shall I do with Jesus?” But he asked the wrong people! He asked the crowd, when it’s a question that he should have answered only by listening to his conscience and no-one else.

The other striking thing about this question is that the answer centres on the issues of life or death. This is very black and white. It is either crucify Christ or let him live. A half-hearted answer is not enough.

Put yourself in Pilate’s shoes. The last thing he needed was a riot during Passover. He needed to keep the Jews happy. His career and reputation were on the line. From a worldly point of view, he had no choice.

The crowd will always crucify Jesus. Never rely on the crowd for advice about how to live or how to believe. And you should never ask the crowd what you should do with Jesus!

The question Pilate asked is the most important question we will ever face. It is a question that no one who has ever lived can avoid answering. What will be your answer?

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