Dr. Jordan Rogers continues preaching through The Book of Genesis in this sermon from Genesis 46:1-34 entitled, “Being Faith-Filled in the Faithful God."

God is faithful in all His promises, and because God is faithful, we must be faith-filled.

In Genesis 46, we read of the great increase of Israel’s descendants as he and his family make their descent into Egypt to be provided for by Joseph. This is continued fulfillment of God’s covenant promises and also specific fulfillment of God’s Word to Abraham concerning his descendants being brought to Egypt (Genesis 15:12-16). In other words, Genesis 46 is an historical record of God being faithful to fulfill His promises. The right response to the faithfulness of God is faith, and that faith is described with great clarity in Scripture. In this sermon, we examine God’s faithfulness and the kind of faith that receives His approval.

The following is a sermon from Genesis 46:1-34 and below you will find the video recording and a sermon outline to help you follow along as you watch. I hope this study tool helps you grow in your love for the Lord Jesus and in your obedience to Him.

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Sermon Title: “Being Faith-Filled in the Faithful God”

Text: Genesis 46:1-34

Sermon Summary: Because God is faithful, we must be faith-filled.


vs.1-7—The Decision of Israel

vs.8-27—The Descendants of Israel

vs.28-34—The Descent of Israel

Two Descriptions of Faith that is Approved by God

Description #1: Approved faith believes that God’s ultimate purposes will prevail.

Description #2: Approved faith believes that God’s Word will never fail.

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