THIS STUDY was originally recorded in 2009, please excuse the video quality. Is this the end? The Book of Revelation explained by Pastor Allen Nolan is a teaching series on how to unravel the mysteries of the book of The Revelation. This serves as a great summary to the book of Revelation for those looking for a bible study on the book of Revelation as it is found in the New Testament. Allen Nolan is the Lead Pastor at Cornerstone Fellowship in Tahlequah, OK. DOWNLOAD the FREE Study Notes HERE:
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1:00 Revelation 21
5:08 Revelation 21:1-3
5:58 Revelation 21:4
10:11 Revelation 21:5
11:38 Conclusion on Timeline
19:30 7 Thousand Years of Human History
26:29 Revelation 21:6-7
27:54 Revelation 21:8
31:49 Revelation 21:9-10
34:48 The Lamb's Wife
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