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Rev. Dr. Knut Heim. Knut is Professor in Old Testament, at Denver Theological Seminary. Dr. Heim has worked as a missionary (with Operation Mobilization), as an ordained minister in the Methodist Church (UK), as a Tutor in Old Testament at The Queen's Foundation/University of Birmingham (UK) and as a Tutor in Old Testament at Trinity College/University of Bristol (UK). He is a native of Germany and his PhD was completed at the University of Liverpool. Dr. Heim has authored three books: Like Grapes of Gold Set in Silver: An Interpretation of Proverbial Clusters in the Book of Proverbs (2001); Poetic Imagination in Proverbs: Variant Repetitions and the Nature of Poetry (2013); and Lady Wisdom: A Portrait Through Time (forthcoming). He is one of the world’s leading experts on the book of Proverbs and Hebrew poetry.