Dr. Rogers continues preaching through the Book of Genesis in this sermon on Genesis 24:1-67 entitled, "Finding and Following the Will of God."

How can you know what God’s will is for your life in the various decisions you have to make? God’s Word is very clear to the point that you can find and follow the will of God, but you have to be faithful both in the search and in your response to God’s will.

In Genesis 24:1-67, Abraham sends his servant to find a bride for his son Isaac. In this passage of Scripture, you see Abraham and his servant seeking out the will of God in a faithful search. When the servant discovers the will of God, the response is worshipful, submissive, and obedient. In the notes below, you will see a step-by-step process that is pulled out of this passage to demonstrate how you can find and follow the will of God.

This is a sermon from Genesis 24:1-67 and below you will find the video recording and a sermon outline to help you follow along as you watch. I hope this study tool helps you grow in your love for the Lord Jesus and in your obedience to Him.

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Sermon Title: “Finding and Following the Will of God”

Text: Genesis 24:1-67

Single Sentence Sermon Summary: Your faith is displayed in how you find and follow the will of God.

Sermon Structure: Seven principles for finding and following the will of God.

vs.1-25—Faith in the search
**vs.1-4—Principle #1: You must search for answers according to God’s Word.
**vs.5-9—Principle #2: You must believe God is faithful to His Word.
**vs.10-14—Principle #3: You must plead with God to reveal His will.
**vs.15-25—Principle #4: You must observe how God answers your prayer.

vs.26-67—Faith in the response
**vs.26-27, 52—Principle #5: You must worship God for His work.
**vs.28-51—Principle #6: You must submit to God’s will.
**vs.52-67—Principle #7: You must obey God’s call.