Looking at the story of Jesus temptation can give us insight into the way the enemy works. What ways does the devil tempt us? Jesus, as fully God and fully man, overcame these temptations with the power of the Sprit, and we can too!

Branch Together brings Christians together to read the Bible every day. We know as Christians that we are called to "branch out" and reach the world around us, but first we must come "together" and develop habits that help us grow to be more like the people Jesus is calling us to be. So before we Branch Out, we Branch Together. Some people might call this Daily Devotions, or Quiet Time...whatever you call it, our videos kickstart your most important daily habit.

In addition to starting your day with Scripture, we create videos to help you study, memorize and worship.

BT is run by a couple churches working together in Red Bank, NJ. (Branch Church - https://branchchurch.org and First Baptist Church - https://fbcredbank.com)

Scripture quotations have been taken from the New Revised Standard Version, or the Christian Standard Bible.