Many people who confess to be God’s people, saved and sanctified (set apart), born again believers are not aware of how they commit various sins against themselves and against YeHoVaH God through ignorance of His Law. The Hebrews did not have their own personal copies of the Torah and relied on the reading or declaring of the Torah as Moses received it and was instructed to share it with the people.

Leviticus provided Instructions from YeHoVaH to His people on how to properly respond to His love for them and how they would be able to develop and maintain their special relationship with Him through voluntary Offerings and Sacrifices. Offerings for Trespasses and Unintentional Sins required offerings commanded by YeHoVaH, and the Offerings varied according to the categories of those required to offer the Offering.

In this Chapter of Leviticus, we will examine additional categories of individuals where Offerings were required to atone for and obtain forgiveness from YeHoVaH Most High.

In preparation for this study, Trespasses and Forgiveness, please read Leviticus 5:1-19.

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