Mark 10:32-52 :: “What Do You Want?”

Imagine Jesus asking you, What do you want?” How might you reply? It is a fascinating thought to consider. Presumably our answer(s) reflect our present challenges, concerns, aspirations, and our relationship with Jesus. In this section, Jesus asks that question twice [36, 51] and the responses are insightful to the nature of God and people. Insight is a deep understanding of a person or thing. When King David’s son Solomon ascended to the throne, God invited him, “Ask! What shall I give you?” Solomon requested godly wisdom to rightly lead God’s people rather than wealth, power, influence, or pleasure. The request pleased God, and He granted Solomon’s request such that he was the wisest man to walk on the planet other than Jesus [1Ki. 3:1-14]. In addition God blessed Solomon in ways that he had not even asked for.

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